The first and only Self-Building Iglu

Inland Iglu – Where imagination and memories are frozen in time!

The first and only Self-Building Iglu

Inland Iglu – Where imagination and memories are frozen in time!

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Inland Iglu

Time for Winter Adventures

Traditional igloos (spelt “Iglu” in native Inuktitut language) were built and lived in for centuries by the Inuit people all across the arctic. The compacted snow walls were historically engineered to insulate it’s resident’s body heat, often making it 50-100 degrees warmer than it is outside. These structures are still built all over the world for sustainable, safe shelters and of course, winter play time.

Not everyone has the ability to build a traditional igloo. With us, it’s as simple as popping up a tent and attaching a hose allowing people of all kinds to experience the joys of a winter wonderland fort.

Ideal Locations

Primary Market Area

The best zones for iglu building are Zones A and B.

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Product Details

Iglu Dimensions

Height: 5′ 4″

Length: 11′

Width: 9′

Wheelchair-accessible options are available upon request!

About Us

Discover the Original Inland Iglu

We come from small-town North Idaho and want to inspire local, underdog success.
We are aiming to keep all future productions and manufacturing local to North Idaho, supporting our community as they've always supported us!
The Inland Iglu is a source of fun and winter magic that will last well past the holidays, as long as there are freezing temps.
Our "self-building" technology is patent pending! Inland Iglu is the first ice structure of many to come using this method.

"Winter is not a season; it's a celebration."

Anamika Mishra


Hi, Eli here! Creator of The Inland Iglu.

Over the years, I’ve built hundreds of traditional igloos and different kinds of snow structures. I raised my family in small town North Idaho where a snowy winter wonderland graces our community 6 months out of the year. But winters here can be long, sometimes harsh, keeping families cooped up all too often… and with my three young boys growing up in the house, building them an insulated fort outside every year was a no-brainer.

Not only has building Iglus with my family brought us countless hours of quality time together and memories I’ll hold dear to my heart, they’ve also been an incredible container for education, history and interactive, outdoor play for the entire community. These have always been moments of my life that I believe every family deserves to experience, and I knew I had to come up with an easier way for anyone to build and share the magic of a winter wonderland fort that didn’t take hours or even days to build and require the perfect kind of snow that only few freezing regions seem to get.

Inland Iglu FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

Height: 5 ft 4 in
Width: 9 ft
Length: 11 ft
Entry way: 36 in

Circumference: 3 ft
Height: 5 ft 5 in

Pirate Ship:
Width: 4 ft
Length: 8 ft
Height: 3 ft

Width: 6 ft
Length: 9 ft
Height: 5 ft 5 in

This can be tricky, but if taken the right precautions, our method and safety features ensure safe water hose use in temps as low as -20F. As long as the water is MOVING during use and the hose is immediately drained and stored after your iglu is fully built, you shouldn’t experience any freezing lines or hoses.

As long as you have below freezing temperatures (32F) for the duration of the build, you can build an Inland Iglu!   Temperature Zone Map of North America Zones A and B are the best climates to support and Inland Iglu during winter months.

Our traditional Iglu can safely hold up to 700lbs when ice walls are 6” or thicker.

Let it melt naturally or quick melt with salt, fertilizer or our pet safe evac pack. Let dry and store for reuse.

As long as there are freezing temperatures! If stored correctly during warmer months, your iglu can be rebuilt and used for many years to come.

No, our lights require a power source at this time.

We do not recommend sleeping in your Inland Iglu. However, if your iglu is properly build with 6in or thicker ice walls, it will naturally retain and insulate body heat often keeping your iglu about 30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

Depending on temps, about 10-15 hours to completion of build and safe use.

 About 300 gallons for the iglu and castle. A bit less for the rocket and pirate ship.


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